2014became a member of the Real-Time Academy of judges for The Shorty Awards

2013 – became an advisor to Speakup

2013 – became an advisor to All Power Labs

2013 – joined the Executive Council of Internet Week New York

2012became a member of the Executive Academy of judges for The Webby Awards

2010 – became a co-host of Protocols

2010moved to New York City

2007-2010 – attended O’Reilly Media’s Foo Camp

2005 – co-organized Webzine 2005

2005 – helped organize the original BarCamp in Palo Alto

2003 – launched Laughing Squid blog

1998-2005 – online propagationist for The Billboard Liberation Front

1999-2003 – co-founder of The Tentacle Sessions

1998 – founded Laughing Squid Web Hosting

1997-2000 – co-founder of The Number (the #), a San Francisco Bay Area events hotline

1997-2002 – member of Burning Man Media Mecca

1997-1999Burning Man Web Master

1997made a documentary about The Cacophony Society’s 1996 Santacon event

1997 – launched Santarchy.com, an online archive of Santacon events

1996-1999 – co-organizer of the annual Santacon event

1996 – co-organized first public Burning Man Decompression event “Playa Dust Lounge”

1996 – founded San Francisco Bay Area events list The Squid List

1995 – joined Survival Research Labs as a crew member

1995 – joined the San Francisco Cacophony Society

1995-2002 – participated in the annual Burning Man event

1995made a documentary on social surrealist painter Alonso G. Smith

1995 – founded Laughing Squid

1992 – moved to San Francisco